We Never Stop Helping You Grow

Whatever your job at SolarKing UK, you’ll receive the support to achieve your full potential. The idea is for you to develop and expand all your abilities – so you can be brilliant in your current role and build your future career with us.

Development at SolarKing starts with believing in people’s potential and valuing people’s performance. You’ll be given the help you need to develop technically in your chosen field, whether that’s System Installation, Surveying, Sales or any other business discipline. You’ll also develop your leadership ability, be it personal or team leadership. And you’ll be empowered to achieve excellent performance because we’ll ensure that you have the mind-set, skills and knowledge to succeed.

People perform and develop most successfully when they know what’s required of them and understand how they are doing. Naturally, there are formal opportunities throughout the year to discuss your development. At SolarKing UK we provide all our employees with the leading knowledge and business disciplines and resources to be able to reach their full potential within the company no matter their field. We look to build on your strengths and understand and address any possible weaknesses to ensure our employees are leaders within their field.

Everyone is encouraged to take personal responsibility for their development. With the support of your department managers and seniors we ensure you’re aided and encouraged to meet your goals and our own. We adopt a development approach for all our employees to ensure high potential is rewarded and you can be sure it will be noticed and developed – whether this is through exposure to different parts of the business, by working on business projects or via mentoring or training programmes. SolarKing UK believe in tailoring development to the individuals needs and will work hard to ensure that the activities you pursue are the right ones for you.

You take ownership of developing your career at SolarKing UK. You can expect to see a clear career path for you, wherever you are in the organisation – and if you harness your potential you can expect the opportunity to move throughout the organisation. SolarKing UK looks to promote from within wherever and whenever possible and encourages you to progress.

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