SolarKing UK Encourages You To Succeed

It’s really important to us that you enjoy your work and feel you have the right support and resources to be able to deliver everything that is required by you in your position within the company.

Everyone has the opportunity to join special development programmes or development courses if it is believed that this will help the individual to progress and to be fully competent in their current role. This will help you to further achieve your goals and our own within the role and will set you up for further success in your career with SolarKing UK.

The development programmes our employees are placed in will provide you with all the necessary training and development associated with how to do your job efficiently, effectively and to a level which is recognised within your field. They cover everything you need to know from your first day through to more technical aspects of training that you’ll need to develop further. We regularly hold seminars and courses on the latest techniques and technology relating to different areas of the industry including installation, maintenance, sales, business administration and a host of other related areas our employees cover.

Whatever your role, the development programme you adhere to will help you to build a fantastic career with SolarKing UK. We understand that developing competent, committed and confident colleagues is the key to furthering our market position and ensuring that we deliver outstanding service to all of our customers.

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