Possibly the most exciting time in our history

The Renewable Energy Industry is changing, growing and developing like never before. This is largely due to a multitude of factors from current energy prices rising to renewable energy measures becoming more and more affordable. SolarKing UK have undertaken a large business transformation to reflect the industries needs in that we no longer just specialise in PV, we now supply a large array of market leading products many of which we manufacture ourselves or we hold sole UK exclusivity too. We have invested substantial amounts into our marketing to increase public awareness of the potential of these solutions also furthering SolarKing as a brand and enforcing what we stand for. We are focused now more than ever on engaging with different audiences nationwide in a bid to best educate them on how to make the most out of the technology available.

With an ever-growing public concern regarding energy and its sustainability there has never been a better time for SolarKing UK to engage with the public and business leaders. We a corporate foundation that can shape and lead the renewable energy market and you could be part of it.

This is your chance to join a business that is one of the leading innovators in the renewable energy sector. By looking at what our customers and the general public want, we have completely transformed our renewable product ranges allowing us to source and create the finest products that will drive the market for years to come.
With all of this and so much more taking place there are many opportunities within our large corporation, everyone can play an important part in making SolarKing UK the Renewable energy provider of choice for millions of people.

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