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We don’t often get a lot of sun in Lancashire but don’t let that put you off investing in solar panels as our systems are designed to work in direct light not just sun light so will work even on a cloudy day. It can be one of the first things potential customers enquire about but you don’t have to worry as our designers and engineers have created home solar panels to work whatever the weather. Working with you our installation team will place the panels in the prime spot to maximise collection of solar energy which feeds direct to your electricity supply.

What Can you Generate

Kilowatts Approx Income (£) FIT Rate Return on Investment
1.5 350 13.39p per unit
up to 12%
2 500 13.39p per unit
up to 13%
3 750 13.39p per unit

up to 15%
4 1000 13.39p per unit
up to 16%

Solar PV Benefits

  • Reduce bills by up to 50% annually
  • Sell your electricity back to the grid
  • Earn Up To £1000 tax free per year
  • Very impressive ROI rates

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Investing in solar panel installation in Lancashire can initially be quite costly however over time the savings you make on your utility bills more than covers this expense. Then there’s the government’s Feed in Tariff scheme which provides you with an income and will pay you for every unit of electricity your domestic solar panels generate. Furthermore you will receive payment for every unit of un-used electricity exported back to the grid. With electricity and gas bills on the rise it’s no wonder so many people are now turning to solar to provide them with the attractive offer of unchanging bills. You don’t have to worry about ever running out of electricity either as long as the sun continues to shine we can continue to harness its energy.

Why Choose Solar Panels in Preston?

If the cash incentive is still not enough to switch then think by investing in solar PV panels in Lancashire you are doing your bit for the environment. Our system is designed to produce no emissions so you will have clean, green energy at your fingertips. There’s never been a better time to invest in solar panels in Lancashire so if you want to join the bandwagon with those already enjoying one of the most eco-friendly and reliable sources of energy in the North West then give Solar King a call.

  • to be environmentalü
  • to save pennies in the long-termü
  • to get free electricityü

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Do You Want To Earn TAX Free Income?
Earn Upto £10,000

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