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Looking to install solar panels for your Yorkshire property? Then look no further than Solar King UK, specialists in bringing you costs effective renewable energy sources.  Everyday enough solar energy is produced to provide 5.9 million people with energy for a massive 27 years and with electricity and gas providers increasing their costs hugely it’s no wonder solar energy is becoming an increasingly popular alternative in Yorkshire.

What Can you Generate

Kilowatts Approx Income (£) FIT Rate Return on Investment
1.5 350 13.39p per unit
up to 12%
2 500 13.39p per unit
up to 13%
3 750 13.39p per unit

up to 15%
4 1000 13.39p per unit
up to 16%

Solar PV Benefits

  • Reduce bills by up to 50% annually
  • Sell your electricity back to the grid
  • Earn Up To £1000 tax free per year
  • Very impressive ROI rates

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Here at Solarking UK one of the solar panel options we supply for Yorkshire properties are Solar Photovoltaic Panels.  So what is a Solar Photovoltaic Panel?

Once installed a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel thankfully for Yorkshire doesn’t rely on sunlight but collects daylight which it converts into energy and is then used to replace your current electricity supply. A solar PV panel is one of the most environmentally friendly and reliable forms of energy and with no moving parts, no waste gas or noise produced you’ll wish you had converted earlier.

Why choose Solar PV Panels for your Yorkshire property?

Not only will you be saving yourself a fortune in electricity bills but by opting for solar PV panels as your energy source you will be incorporated into the Government’s Feed in Tariff scheme (FiT). As part of your contribution to renewable energy this scheme is a 20 year contract which ensures that for every unit of electricity your solar PV system generates you’re provided with a tax free return payment. Meaning as a household in Yorkshire you have the potential to earn a return of £1000+ per year and if you’re a commercial property you can look forward to an even higher return.

So for solar panels and solar PV panels in Yorkshire turn to no other than leading renewable energy providers, Solarking UK and call now on to find out more.

Solar Panels can be delivered and fitted in major Yorkshire towns and cities, including:

  • Leedsü
  • Bradfordü
  • Yorkü
  • Sheffieldü
  • Hullü

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Recent Domestic Solar Power Feed In Tariff Changes

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Do You Want To Earn TAX Free Income?
Earn Upto £10,000

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