Green Deal Advisors

GDA Positions Available Now

Due to our companies proactive marketing force we are looking to take on 20-30 GDA’s over the next month.

Already establishing ourselves with multiple ‘Green Deal Providers’, allows us to offer more products at better rates than our competitors and customers. Allowing higher earning potential for all Green Deal assessors.

We are looking for Green Deal Assessors to:

a) Undertake impartial Green Deal Assessments in domestic properties
– Undertake home visits to carry out Occupancy Assessments and give advice
– Produce and issue Energy Performance Certificates relating to domestic property
– Prepare and explain Domestic Green Deal Advice Reports
– Explain the Green Deal Advice report to the domestic customer
– Conduct energy assessment in a safe, effective and professional manner

b) Provide suitable information and advice on a range of funding options for measures proposed.
– Identification of ECO / Green Deal / Able to pay financing options.

c) Complete and propose Green Deal Plans for domestic householders
– Provide information to customers on the principles, financing and operation of the Green Deal
– Prepare and explain an initial Green Deal Plan to the domestic customer

d) Develop and maintain excellent and ongoing customer relationships in order to drive referrals and repeat business.

Key Objectives of the role:

Safety and Sustainability –

• To promote and deliver Green Deal Assessments and Plans in accordance with our providers requirements , Safety and Sustainability policies, procedures and targets and in compliance with the providers Code of Conduct.
People –
• To ensure continuous professional development – both individual and for peers, by keeping up to date with Legislative and best practice requirements for Green Deal and Energy Assessment and Advice.

Customer –

• To deliver impartial energy assessment and advice to the client/property in accordance with the Energy Act 2011 and Green Deal Framework and Code of Practice and to produce a fully compliance Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR)
• To deliver outline Green Deal Plans to the client / property, identifying suitable sources of finance and funding.
• To develop and manage a sustainable customer relationships – throughout the assessment, installation and ongoing operation of measures.


• To deliver assessment volumes in line with overall programme targets and agreed service levels.
• To deliver Green Deal plans that
a) meet the Green Deal Golden rule for the customer
b) meet the commercial requirements of the Green Deal Provider.


• To support the development of customer growth and acquisition plans for the programme.
• To identify process or service areas of continuous improvement to benefit customer, client and GDHE.
Progression opportunities are available for all Green deal assessors over the next 6-12 months, beginning at entry level all candidates have the opportunity to move into management positions as we begin to grow.

To submit your application simply Click Here To Submit Application With C.V.

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Do You Want To Earn TAX Free Income?
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