Is The UK Loosing It’s Ability To Encourage Investment In Solar Power

This is by all accounts happening to a small degree states the findings of the latest renewable energy attractiveness tables. This does contradict a number of recent reports that we have published discussing investment into the sector from private companies.

EY portal

Is A Drop In The RECAI Worth Worrying About

Given that the drop was only a recorded drop of fourth to fifth the recent Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index figures won’t be welcome to news to large suppliers who are continuing to deal with a loss in investment confidence from certain circles. The EY portal findings to appear to backup some of the claims offered by some renewable energy speculators within the market, however an air of caution should be taken if you give the findings any substance that the resulting table does still rank the UK in the top 5 suitable for solar power investment.

Why Is The UK Considered Less Attractive To Renewable Investment Compared To 12 Months Ago:

One major factor being put forward that we have also highlighted recently is the UK governments position on renewable energy. It’s this uncertainty and lack of clarifying a long term position on the subject which has already led to multiple on and offshore projects being halted or stopped altogether.

Transparency Is What The Market Depends On

Given that for example Germany have not altered their solar pv plans given the recent EU Commission rulings it no surprise that their position within the top 3 remains unaffected and that a country like Japan who have embraced the technology more than others in recent years continue to see their position to rise.

Are The Government Risking Future Investment

While not drastically affecting the market given the recent proposals that private investors are putting forward for the UK renewable market it does appear a trend could appear if their continues to be a lack of consistency on the government’s part. While domestically the government has been quick to support the growing domestic market with indicatives such as renewable community co-op’s time will tell if they can afford to be so quick to act in a sector of the market which needs more guidance from them.

Ivanpah Solar facility

Renewable Are A Clear Sign Of Growth

Due to the sheer size of nations renewable investment it is more evident than ever that how much a company invests in their energy structure does depict how viable they are economically as a nation. case in point the top 3 on the list have some of the most rapidly expanding market and are also in the G8, We can also point to the huge Ivanpah renewable structure which recently began generating in California, USA.

Will investment Continue In UK Solar Power

As stated an air of caution does need to be practiced on reflection of such figures especially when you consider the recent announcement from the UK Green Investment Bank. Their joint co-operation with Societe Generale Equipment Finance has built a capital pool of £50M. This resource pool will allow investors to seek renewable investment within the UK be it wind, solar PV, hydro electric, power plant and more. Mainly targeted at organizations it will give them the opportunity to develop their energy measures.

the Green Investment Bank

Could Renewable Investment Pools Increase In 2014

It could clearly be a way forward in the coming years if organization believe hay have a stronger chance for funding from private companies focused on renewable energy as opposed to a government giving unclear guidelines on their long term energy plans.

Energy Prices Continue To Be A Growing Business Expense

With energy costs continuing to rise it clear that reducing energy bills is not just a priority for the domestic market as businesses are also feeling the strain. Thus with an increase in companies looking to reduce their outputs this could also increase the amount of such partnerships highlighted above appearing to fill the void being left by government investment and incentives. By providing the opportunity for businesses to realize their potential with no upfront costs such renewable investment could be a defining factor in increasing large scale project in the coming years and the UK remaining attractive for renewable investment.

Is The UK Going To Continue To Attract Renewable Investment

With many emerging markets across the world the UK is going to have to fight hard to retain it’s position in the top ten let alone the top five as their have already been some big movers over the last few years, with African countries such as Kenya and South Africa gaining good amounts of investment as well as far east nations such as Malaysia also on the rise. But one area that can be ignored is our ability as a nation to adapt and improve this as well as ability to call ourselves among the leaders in the technology and industry professionals will continue to serve us well.

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February 26, 2014
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